MCOA 336419, the PPO against Maria de la Merced Viggers

Note: More files to come, since the respondent has further abused MCL 600.2950a while the appellate review is pending.

Trial Court
  • May 1, 2015: Personal Protection Order 15-941-PH against respondent María de la Merced Viggers.
  • My Motion to Show Cause (pending redacted upload).
  • Respondent's Motion to Terminate PPO.
  • My opposition to respondent's motion to Terminate PPO.
  • December 8, 2016: Hearing transcript.
  • December 15, 2016: Hearing  transcript, what really amounts to judge Timothy Connors' twisted parody of The Dr. Phil Show for matters of a non-domestic Personal Protection Order.

Michigan Court Of Appeals

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