Presenting the complete series "Corrupted from Ed to Judge"

In nine segments, I present in video format the background and litigation experience which inspired my initiative One Club Of Justicides.

Because the defamatory publications by Maria Viggers need to be heavily redacted, I'll be updating and uploading those files in the corresponding section of this site as time permits.

Corrupted from Ed to Judge (Part 1 of 9): Shady, shady University of Michigan.
Background, because normal people don't happen to file proceedings in court just out of boredom.

Corrupted from Ed to Judge (Part 2 of 9): A fractal of court-endorse fraud.
Let me tell you a little story about a lawyer who attempted to commit fraud and got busted by me ... only to be rescued by his buddy judge ... yes, this is the "law" in Michigan.

The University of Michigan and Al-Azhar Pacha duck and cover upon my scrutiny because ... well, that's what scumbags do when they got something to hide.

Corrupted from Ed to Judge (Part 4 of 9): Directly relevant evidence? Now see the judge preclude it.
Mostly addressing my lawsuit against María Viggers, my father's second wife.

Covering the early stages of my lawsuit against Al-Azhar Pacha.

Corrupted from Ed to Judge (Part 6 of 9): judge Corrupt Kuhnke depicts Michigan as mafia.
This is the continuation of the fifth segment, as it covers the latter portion of my judicial proceedings against Al-Azhar Pacha in trial court. Also, judge Carol Kuhnke featuring the antithesis of candidate Carol Kuhnke.

Corrupted from Ed to Judge (Part 7 of 9): judge Carol Kuhnke is a disgrace to the judicial system.
Some interesting events took place during the backlog in the Michigan Court Of Appeals.
If you'd like to read further:

Corrupted from Ed to Judge (Part 8 of 9): MCOA, the Michigan Fraud Of Appeals.
The rubber stamping of judicial incompetence. Since that's all they got, that is an implicit acknowledgment that the judiciary ought to rule in my favor.

Corrupted from Ed to Judge (Part 9 of 9): Epilogue ... as of this point in time.
Not strictly an epilogue, since the matters are pending in the Michigan Supreme Court. Albeit a foreign concept to the "Fantastic Four" ... will the Michigan Supreme Court exercise integrity? Time will tell.

Bloopers occur in many series, and this was not the exception.

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